No trends are necessary in order to set new standards. Inspired by his Grandfather's watch, Oliver Jörger developed the tap and accessory collection „Cronos“.

Sometimes it is small, everyday things that bring forth something special. The crown of a historic pocket watch - inherited from his Grandfather - inspired Oliver Jörger to the modern design of the tap and accessory collection „Cronos“. Clarity and classical elegance characterize this stylish collection. Like fluting on ancient pillars, fine lines grace the surface of the fixture. The soft shape of the body offsets the strict linear feel.

„Cronos“ offers a wide range of taps for washbasins, bidets, bathtubs and showers, combinable with a double-handle version: as a wound  lever or cross-handle fixture.

The unique styling is implemented in the finely fluted rosette in a variety of accessories. True to the original style, hand-crafted surfaces complete the modern design and instill a timeless character into the bathroom.


Finishes refine taps and accessories harmoniously and in the correct style. The final polish gives the design its indiviuality and exclusivity. Only the finest materials, worked by hand by specialist craftsmen in Germany, are used in the sophisticated surfaces. Every finish gives the style of the bathroom an additional, emotional impulse - from stylish or elegant to warm or antique. An extraordinary range of thirteen different surfaces create a distinctive, authentic finish.
chrome 000
mink 095
platinum 065
sunshine 040
bronce 011
gold 020
antique-gold 025
mink mat 096
mink mat
satin nickel 036
satin nickel
polished nickel 035
polished nickel
sunshine mat 041
sunshine mat
platinum mat 066
platinum mat
chrome/gold 002
mink/gold 952
platinum/gold 652
rosé-gold 022
rosé-gold mat 023
rosé-gold mat
white mat 052
white mat
black mat 092
black mat

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